Are you ready for your wedding this summer?




So you have your wedding date, you venue chosen, your centrepieces carefully constructed to match your perfect theme.

Your makeup artist is nothing but the beat.

Do you know which brand of makeup they are using?

Urban Decay? Mac?

Do these last all day? Do you know what is in them?

For the perfect pictures with up to 18 hours of smudge-proof makeup, check out SeneGence MakeSense foundations and mascaras.

MakeSense products are your all day solution. Natural products and will withstand the hottest of temperatures while remaining waterproof through your emotional moments. Why not make your perfect kiss without leaving your lip colour on their face?

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Our line of foundation, ShadowSense and mascara


Coconut Oil; Is this the right makeup remover?

Over the past several weeks, I have been using Coconut oil to remove my makeup. 

The coconut oil is followed up by a Rodan + Fields toner and moisturizer. 
At first, I thought that I was doing my face a favour by cleaning with natural oils; however, the coconut oil has stripped away my natural oils, leaving my face dry and full of acne. 

I reached out to several other people that I know use natural products and they have had similar issues. 

Once my face clears up, I will attempt an experiment which combines other natural products with the oil to alleviate the dryness. 

If you have any suggestions, please post here!



Matte Lip Colour

We are all creatures of habit. 

On sunny days, I gravitate towards shimmery colours on my lips ( Mauve Ice, Dawn Rising LipSense)

On dreary days, I grab my ole faithful matte lip colour (First Love LipSense) and head on out the door. 

I have been topping these colours with a glossy gloss and haven’t been thinking twice about it.

Recently, I have been experimenting with layers and working on my new perfect colour combinations. I have been glossing it up and sometimes no gloss at all. 

My favourite matte colour is First Love. 

Quick snap before I headed out to the gym. This is my everyday colour… 

Even if lip colours and everyday lipstick isn’t for you, try matte finishes for your every day look.

How do you rock it every day?



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Long Lasting LipColour

Why do this? Who has this kind of time?
When you can apply three layers of LipSense and be done with it?

36 colours to choose from… make your own colour combination 

Lasts up to 18 hours.

No need to add other products or buy more than you need.

Ask me how you can get up to 50% off.

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Weekly Feature: Purple Reign

This week Purple Reign is the hot colour. This colour is rich and vibrant.

It has a cool, matte finish and is always a hot seller.

Limited supply!  Get yours while you can

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What will you do with 5 extra minutes in your day? 

Since finding my new obsession with SeneGence LipSense, I did not realize that I gained additional “me time” in the morning and productive work time throughout the day. 

I have been a moderate makeup users for many years (no, I won’t tell you how many). Meaning, I apply lipstick, foundation, mascara and eyeliner before leaving the house. I add a bit more glam when I go out with friends but, that’s about it. 

My lip colours consisted of pink gloss, which wore off before my morning coffee. My coworkers never saw me at my best!

I discovered LipSense through a friend and added this into my routine. Since LipSense doesn’t come off througout the day, I gained valuable time at work. I no longer had to run to a mirror to reapply my lip colour before heading into a meeting. 2 minutes saved.  

Why would I care about reapplying my lip colour? 

For the same reasons that I wouldn’t want poppy seeds in my teeth before making a speech.

Well for the same reasons that you dressed up to go out today. Beauty adds confidence. 

Everyone wants to feel confident in yor day so why not have it from the time you wake up.  There are so many reasons for us to feel unhappy about a part of our body at any given time during the day… why start off that way? 

So far, I have saved two minutes but where did I save the other 3? 

Before I run into the grocery store or on my way out of the gym, of course! 

Whatever you do in your day, you can look as fresh as when you woke up in the morning.

Here is my basic 5 minute nude look for the day:

How did I do it?

1. Eye primer

2. Dot gel eyeliner along lashline

3. Put on mascara from base to tip

4. Brush on foundation

5. Add translucent powder

6. Apply LipSense and GO!!!

Makeup is a part of 80% of women’s lives. 

SeneGence products are made from natural, vegan and GMO-free materials.  LipSense, ShadowSense and MakeSense foundation stays on all day. No need to touch up or reapply.  LipSense comes in 36 shades and lasts up to 18 hours.

ShadowSense goes on like a cream and blends like a powder. It doesn’t smear or bunch in your eye crease. 

What beauty product makes you feel confident? 

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Thanks for reading!

The Perfect Brush

If you aren’t a makeup artist and are common folk like me, you may be wondering what makeup brush is the one that you should be using. 

The contour brush is used for your bronzers and highlighters. Personally, I use a cream based highlighter and blend with a beauty sponge/blender.

I am also really into using SeneGence ShadowSense products so, I have been trying out new techniques with various eyeshadow brushes. 

Garnet is my colour of the week.



Eye Shadow – Application for ShadowSense 

Happy Tuesday!

Over the past several weeks, I have been trying out new products.

ShadowSense by SeneGence, is my latest try this week. ShadowSense comes in a gloss like applicator. You dab it onto your lid and blend. It comes in several colours and lasts all day. Check out the video for details.

Here is a natural look:

Lips: Pink Champagne LipSense 

Foundation: MakeSense Original Foundation – Ivory

Eye shadow: Garnet ShadowSense 

Mascara: Voluminous 

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What’s new!

Hey friends, it has been a busy couple of weeks. We finally finished our basement reno and are putting the finishing touches on it now. I also had some great quality time with my girlfriends for some R and R.

Going out with the girls is always fun because we get to share our tips and tricks for our daily beauty routines. 

Not only that but it was a fabulous time of sitting at the beach and unwinding.

Next post, I will share some new stock and product information.



The art of remembering: lists and study habits

I work in the property valuation field during the day and with my beauty business at night. 

Early on in my career, I had to convert my brain from 100% study-mode to 20% and to 80% planning short-term and long-term goals.

This was no easy task.

I have a spreadsheet that highlights my major work objects but some may take weeks, months or years to complete. To make myself feel better and satisfied with myself at the end of a work day, I write out the small tasks that are necessary to complete a total project or work object. Yes, I said it, I handwrite a checklist of menial tasks! Why? Because sometimes we have things that are never done and we need to feel good about the small progress that we made or else we can’t satisfy our innerself worth. The good thing about having a task list for the week, is that I don’t have to bog my brain down with remembering what else needs to be done.

No one is ever 100% focused on one thing so, it’s nice to have options to change plans or know what needs to be done when you are interrupted. 

At home, I use an app to track my grocery list and items that I need to pick up. I sync my items with my husbands so we are both responsible. (Lol)

My app doesn’t leave me as satisfied as when I check it off on my notebook. 

My study habits are almost the same. I handwrite notes and then type them out then print it off before my exam. Obviously, I am a visual learner! 

When my exams are formula driven, I take an extra step and record audio of the information on my phone. I will replay (with headphones on) the short recording while I am the gym or getting groceries.

Some of you may think that I am a little shy of crazy. 

We all have unique ways of keeping on task and helping large amounts of information stick in our minds.

What are your techniques?

Share your comments!



Hazelnut and Praline Rose Diamond LipSense

This week I have been branching out with my colour choices. Last week, I was really into the soft to hot pink colours and this week, I am drawn to brown/pink combinations.

Praline Rose (non-Diamond) is a pink colour with a hint of tan. It is a deep, matte colour with little to no shine. 

Praline Rose Diamond has slight glitter affect inside the bottle but I found that it does not show on my lips. I find that it shimmers more than the normal version. I really like this look!

In the picture above, I am wearing SeneGence MakeSense foundation – Ivory shade. This foundation stays on all day (and most of the night!) No need to touch up or reapply, it stays exactly where you put it. 

I am also wearing Brown LashSense by SeneGence. This is a waterproof, smudge-proof mascara. I don’t use UnderSense but I have heard that it is quite amazing for creating the most luxurious lashes. 

Hazelnut LipSense is a very strong brown colour on me, as I am quite pale in my complexion.
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Have a great weekend my lovelies!